Using Our Flexibility

PCS offers a variety of lifting equipment in the rapidly changing and complex sectors such as Power, Water and Transport. By concentrating on particular parts of this energy chain, these purpose built cranes improve performance and operational effectiveness…

Utility cranes are designed for: Heavy lifting capacities; Weather protection; Accurate and smooth operations. Cost effective power consumption.

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Showing our Mettle

PCS provide solutions adapted to our clients‘ exact requirements. Our heavy duty steel cranes are built from com ponents manufactured specifically for this arduous and demanding environment.

Steel Industry cranes are designed for: Extreme temperatures; High travel speeds; Continuous operations. 

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Lifting Mining Operations

At PCS we pride ourselves on supporting the mining industry with advanced crane technology and world class maintenance systems.

Mining equipment maintenance cranes are designed for: Heavy duty cycles; Highly corrosive operating environments; Abnormal lifting. 

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Fuel Your Expectations

PCS is known as a leading manufacturer and distributor of crane products and solutions for the petrochemical industry.

We contribute to the oil and gas industry by means of: EX equipment; Environmentally friendly Engineered solutions.

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A Cut Above

PCS are proud agents for Bystronic-glass.

Bystronic is the global supplier of complete solutions for the economical, application-engineered fabrication of architectural and automotive glass. Customers rely on: Intelligent machine concept; Modular construction; Compact system concept; Individual design; Integrated manufacturing processes; Variable expansion possibilities. 

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Lifting Repairs and Refurbishments to a New Level

PCS offers customized maintenance programmes for your crane operations. This monitors and minimises equipment failure.

We schedule: Statutory inspection as per OHS Act; Maintenance work; Load testing. PCS manages computer controlled systems to highlight appropriate service intervals for specific equipment and to provide information in the case of a breakdown. We offer convenient planning schedules which allows us to inform our clients when their cranes are due for proactive maintenance.

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